Playground Leaders

Why do we need it?

  • The partnership audit showed that a significant number of schools found lunchtimes could be a problem for some students, which can lead to those pupils finding it difficult to then settle back into the classroom in the afternoon.
  • Some schools reported a high number of behavioural incidents occurred at lunch times.
  • Lunch time activities can also help address the inactivity of some students, so enabling schools to work towards the government's target of 3 hours high quality PE and school sport per school week.

What is it?

  • Year 5 and/or 6 students will take part in play leader's qualification.
  • Younger students will then benefit by the older students leading them in a variety of activities.

Target Group

  • Year 5 & 6 students are the targets to become young leaders.
  • Young Leaders can then work with any year group younger than themselves.

What the Partnership Provides

  • Certificates for the play ground leaders.
  • SSCo lead training in school with a member of school staff

What the School Provides

  • Commitment to run the programme at least three times per week
  • Identify a meal time supervisor to be overall coordinator
  • Playground space

Who to contact

Chorley School Sport Partnership
Buckshaw Primary School
Tel: 01257 418862 (option 4)

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