New funding to get more Chorley kids on bikes


Can you help us to provide bikes for children across the borough to learn to ride confidently and competently?

Chorley School Sports Partnership are delighted to be able to bring you some amazing news to end 2021. The successful bids to the Bikeability Widening Participation Fund have just been announced and our bid was one of those to be funded!!

Emily Cherry, Chief Executive at the Bikeability Trust, said: “Our mission is to ensure every child can learn how to cycle. These innovative projects will address the barriers that could prevent a child from learning to ride.

“I am so proud of the creativity and originality we have seen in the successful bids. With the support and ingenuity of the organisations out there delivering Bikeability, our mission is on track.

Our funding bid involves setting up a project to provide bikes on a long term loan to give children who don’t have access to a bike the chance to practise their riding, develop their bike handling skills, and build up their confidence. Thus giving them the best chance we can to successfully complete the Level 1, 2, and/or 3 Bikeability training alongside their classmates, empowering them to travel independently in a healthy and safe fashion and setting them up for a life of freedom on wheels.

Mark Sheffield, Bikeability Scheme Manager at Chorley SSP explained the background to the project: "Hundreds of children across Chorley have benefitted over the years from being able to borrow one of our small fleet of bikes to take part in Bikeability training. Unfortunately due to limitations of time, space, and budget, we have only been able to lend these bikes for the duration of a given training course, before taking them away again to be used by another child at another school. In many cases we are delivering a Learn to Ride course a couple of weeks in advance of Bikeability Level 1. Most children will be riding by the end of a Learn to Ride session with our instructors, however they need to get some more practise in before taking Bikeability Level 1 and moving on to the roads at Level 2. If they don’t have a bike they can practise on then they are not able to develop their skills further, and in many cases aren’t yet confident enough to join their classmates in learning to ride safely on the road."

This new funding will allow us to bring a bike to school for a child to learn to ride on, and leave that bike with them to practise and build up their skills , before taking part in further Bikeability training on the same bike.

Whilst there is brand new funding to support this project, it is not a huge sum of money, so to make it stretch as far as possible and help as many children as we can, we are asking the people of Chorley to consider donating a bike to help us out. Perhaps there is an old, dusty machine that has been sitting at the back of your garage for years? Perhaps someone in your family has received a new bike for Christmas, having grown out of their old one? Perhaps you have a bike with a few faults that you don’t feel are worth fixing, but you haven’t got around to taking it to the recycling centre? We would be delighted to receive any of these bikes, and can even arrange to collect them from you. It doesn’t matter how far beyond repair you think it might be, there will always be some parts that we can use. If we can turn 3 broken bikes into 1 or 2 working bikes then that is worthwhile! Any size of bike would be welcome, but we are especially looking for 20”- and 24”-wheeled machines. So please get in touch and help us to get this project off to a flying start!


Who to contact

  • Mark  Sheffield

    Mark Sheffield

    Bikeability Scheme Manager

    Telephone: 01257 449278

    Mobile: 07775803423

    Email: [email protected]

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